2009 PGA in New York city

Click link to the pictures

Click link to the pictures

I am glad to let you that CASA has successfully held the PGA luncheon on Dec. 12 in NY city. There are about 25 people attended the luncheon. There are several officer and delegates attended the event and we discussed the plan for the 2010 CASA annual meeting. They officers who attended the meeting are Haiming Wang, Naixi Li, Guogang Chen, Changzheng Wang, Liaoyang Xie, Tina Leung, Jun Li.

Unfortunately, some officers could not come to the meeting. The officers briefed the CASA work and accomplishment in the past year and drew a plan for the coming year.
The most recent plan is to hold the CASA annual meeting on Feb. 6, 2009. Which is the weekend before the Chinese New Year and the President day weekend. Hope it will not interrupt the members family travel plan.

At this moment, we contact the Fernwood Hotel in PA, which is a very nice location for conference and family function. We negotiate a 2-night stay group price at $240. This way our memeber can be there the night before the meeting and have more time to enjoy the winter activity around the area. Please see the detail information on the website: www.fernwoodhotel.com.

We will try to finalize the deal with the hotel for the coming week. Please give your feedback to the CASA email address. Thank you.
Wish everyone a happy holiday.

Changzheng Wang, MD