(December, 2002)

Tittle III Membership

3.00 Membership
  Members of this Society shall recognize and comply with the Guidelines for the Ethical Practice of Anesthesiology of American Society of Anesthesiologists and Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association
3.10 Categories of Membership
3.11 Active Members
Active members shall be limited to licensed physicians either actively engaging in clinical anesthesia practice or holding responsible positions in teaching and research related to anesthesia. They shall be qualified to run for and hold office in this Society.
3.12 Associate Members
Associate members shall be limited to scientists in the field related to anesthesiology who have outstanding achievement, upon recommendations by one active member and seconded by another
3.13 Resident Members
A resident member shall be a physician in full time training in an anesthesiology residency program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
3.14 Medical Student Members
A medical student member shall be an individual in full time training in a medical school approved by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or the American Osteopathic Association.
3.15 Emeritus Members
Emeritus members shall be limited to active members who no longer engage in active clinical or academic work. Emeritus members shall have full privileges of active members, but membership dues shall be waived
3.16 Honorary Members
Any person who has made noteworthy contributions to the field of medical science may be recommended by the Membership committee for Honorary Membership. Upon approval by a two-thirds majority vote by the House of Delegates, an Honorary membership may be conferred upon him or her. No more than two honorary members shall be recommended each year.
3.17 Corresponding Members
Corresponding members shall be limited to persons who have been active or associate members of this Society and are at present residing outside of US. They shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
3.20 Application for Membership
Application shall be made in writing on the membership application form, supplied by the Society. The application which has been signed by the applicant and received by the Secretary shall be referred to the Membership Committee for evaluation. The Membership Committee shall refer the application, with its recommendations, to the next Board of Directors meeting. The final approval shall be made with announcement in the Society Newsletter.
3.30 Resignation and Reinstatement
    Any member in good standing may resign his or her membership by presenting a communication to that effect in writing to the Society, addressed to the Secretary of the Society.
3.32    Any member who may have forfeited his or her good standing in any manner, except by expulsion, may, on payment of the current year's dues, be reinstated as a member by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
3.40 Dues
3.41    The amount of annual dues and application fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors subject to the approval of the House of Delegates and such earned fees or dues shall not be refundable.
3.42    Any members in arrears of dues for more than two years shall automatically forfeit the rights and privileges of his or her membership.
3.43  Emeritus, honorary and corresponding members shall be exempted from the membership dues.