(December, 2002)

TittleVI Miscellaneous Provisions

6.00 Seal

This Society shall have an official Seal, which shall contain the words "CHINESE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGY, INC' and such other wording as may be required by law or approved by the Board of directors.

The Seal shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary of this Society

6.10 Ethics

The Principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association and the Guidelines for the Ethical practice of Anesthesiology of the American Society of Anesthesiologists are accepted as the governing code of ethics for members of this Society.

6.20 Bylaws Amendments

The Bylaws or the Articles of Incorporation may be amended by the House of Delegates with a two-thirds majority of those voting. Bylaws changes shall take effect at the close of the meeting of the House of Delegates at which they are approved unless otherwise specified at the time of approval.