2011 CASA meeting in Chicago

Click link to the pictures

Click link to the pictures

Dear members, colleagues and friends, We just had a wonderful annual meeting in Chicago! The meeting was held in Sushi Taiyo Restaurant near Chicago famous Michigan Avenue. More than 120 people from North America and China attended the meeting, which included scientific sessions, special guest speeches, CASA committee reports, and an award ceremony. Those speeches highlighted scientific achievements from CASA members and our Chinese colleagues; promoted the academic exchanges and friendship among CASA, CSA, CAA, ASA and also among our CASA members, colleagues and friends; importantly featured hardworking and accomplishments from our CASA committees.

The tradition of the annual CASA-CSA academic meeting started in 2003 and the meeting of this year marked its ninth annual meeting. The meeting significantly enhanced academic exchanges among the anesthesiologists from both China and North America , especially among the anesthesiologists with Chinese background. We are anticipating more academic collaborations among the anesthesiologists from China and North America .

Our heart-felt thanks go to:

Touren Group Chairman, Mr. Guosheng Wang and General Manager, Mr. Hui Zhao,
Professors and Scientific speakers: Wei Chao and Enyou Li,
ASA President, Prof. Jerry Cohen,
CSA President, Prof. Buwei Yu,
CAA ex-President, Prof. Yuguang Huang,
CSA leaders and Professors: Yuke Tian, Guolin Wang, Weifeng Yu, Wei Zhang, and Ailun Luo
CSA secretary: Mr. Xue Bai

Our sincere thanks also go to:

Meeting organizers: Drs. Lingqun Hu, Yun Xia and Jianzhong Sun; especially for Drs.
Lingqun Hu and Yun Xia's hardworking and great efforts;
Meeting moderators: Drs. Yun Xia, Yue Tang, Liaoyang Xie, and Hong Liu;
Committee reporting: Drs. Yun Xia, Lingqun Hu, Yong G. Peng, Yanfu Shao;
CASA International Affair Committee, Drs. Chuanyao Tong and Peishan Zhao;
Dr. Renyu Liu for introducing Anesthesiology editors (Prof. Alan Schwartz, et al) to the meeting; and CASA Board of Directors for their contributions in the meeting organization.

Thank all of you, friends, colleagues, and members who support CASA missions and international academic exchanges, and hope we will meet again in our 2012 annual 0 meeting in Washington DC !
All the best,

Jianzhong Sun, MD


October 26, 2011