The Second Message For 2006 Annual CASA Meeting In Chicago

Dear CASA member,
We are sending out our second message for our 2006 annual CASA meeting in Chicago.
Program Name:The 2006 Annual Chinese American Society of Anesthesiology Meeting
(Joined with Chinese Society of Anesthesiologists, CSA)
Sponsor: Abbott Laboratories USA
Place and Date:  18:00-22:00, October 15th, 2006
Signature Room
(On the 95th floor of John Hancock, 875 N. Michigan Ave
Chinese American Society of Anesthesiology
Chairs: Ling Qun Hu, MD, and Ge Li, MD, Ph.D.
Program Objective:: This program is to associate and affiliate into one organization all of the reputable physicians and scientists of Chinese descent in the world, who are engaged in the practice of or research of or otherwise especially interested in anesthesiology, to improve the standards of the specialty by fostering and encouraging education, research and scientific progress in anesthesiology to enhance the professional communication and exchange of international physicians and scientists in the field of anesthesiology and related fields. After the program, participants should be able to view annual activities among most of CASA members, will learn updated knowledge in the one specific field of anesthesia practice, and may participate in the future activities conducted by CASA members. Enhancing CASA impacts on the target communities and expending our society.

Audience:  The content of the program is appropriate for members of Chinese American Society of Anesthesiology, other Chinese American anesthesiologists, Chinese speaking anesthesiologists in the world including (not limited) mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, etc. 150 persons are expected to attend the meeting.

Registration and Charges:  Email Dr. Ge Li at for registration and reservation with no costs for the first 110 persons. $30 each will be charged after that.

Transportation: There is free bus service between the ASA designated hotels and McCormick Place, where ASA meeting will be held. The John Hancock building is located between the 13th ASA designated hotel - The Ritz-Carlton Chicago and the 17th - The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago, as displayed on  .

This building ( is easy to recognize and next to the water tower since it is the signature building on the gold coast. The easiest way to get there is to take the free bus service provided by ASA meeting and get off at either hotel mentioned above. There are a lot of CTA (city) buses going there too. Please use  with the destination of "John Hancock Center" for your planing. Driving your own car is disencouraged because of the traffic and parking expenses with limited spaces around that area.

Dinner:  Free, will be served during the meeting
Agenda: Download

1800-1820 Registration, Hongyu Teng, MD
1820-1830 Welcome, Ge Li, MD, PhD
1830-1840 Words from the Deputy Consulate General
Mr. Tang Ying, The People's Republic of China in Chicago
1840-1900 CASA Delegation to Annual CSA Meeting Yanfu Shao, MD, Chair of International Exchange Committee of CASA Head, the Delegation of CASA to Annual CSA Meeting
1855-1925 Dinner
1925-1940   Introducing Our Guest Attendees and Honor Members
Haiming Wang, MD, Former President, CASA
1940-2040 Have We Had a Magic Bullet Yet?
Ling Qun Hu, MD, Department of Anesthesiology
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL USA
2040-2055 Current Anesthesia In China
Shuren Li, MD, Immediate Former President, Chinese Society of Anesthesiologists
2055-2110 Future Anesthesia In China
Xinmin Wu, President,Chinese Society of Anesthesiologists
2110-2120 SummariesGuogang Chen, MD, President, CASA
2120- Group Discussions, Topics including not limited:
Anesthesia case reports
Difference of perioperative anesthesia management between China & US
Exchange of ideas about clinical, financial, and business managements  

Ling Qun Hu, MD and Ge Li, MD, PhD
Chairs of 2006 Annual CASA Meeting in Chicago