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On December 7th, 2002, during the PGA (post graduate assembly), ten Chinese American Anesthesiologists met together. At their conversation, they found out their common interest which was to establish an organization to enhance the communication among their peers, and to serve the society in the better and higher standards. They are: Guo-gang Chen, Xiao-li He, Xi-song Huang, Naixi Li, Min-zhong Peng, Yue Tang, Qing Tao, Chang-zheng Wang, Hai-ming Wang, Liao-yang Xie.

With the effort of several months, on February 9th, 2003, CASA was established officially.

Contact CASA  chineseasa@yahoo.com
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Hong Kong tgin@cuhkedu.hk (Dr.Tony Gin)
Mainland Luoailun@csc.pumch.ac.cn (Dr.Ai-lun Luo)
  HuangYG@csc.pumch.ac.cn (Dr.Yu-guang Huang)
Taiwan 400002@mail.chimei.org.tw (Dr.Zhi-zhong Wang)