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Honorary Members

Among the established Chinese American Anesthesiologists who made significant contribution to Anesthesiology, the following people were recruited as the honorary members and advisers. They are:
      1. Vincent Chan MD
      2. Davy Cheng, MD
      3. Albert Cheung, MD, PhD
      4. Frances F. Chung MD
      5. Tong J. Gan MD
      6. Yuguang Huang MD
      7. Tony Jin, MD
      8. Chingmuh Lee, MD
      9. Shuren Li, MD
      10. Chung-Yuan Lin, MD
      11. Jin Liu MD
      12. Letty M. Liu, MD
      13. Philip Liu MD
      14. Spencer S. Liu MD
      15. Ailun Luo MD
      16. Hong Ma MD
      17. Jeffrey Yin Foh Ngeow MD
      18. Leila Pang MD
      19. Yung Shieh MD
      20. Lena Sun, MD
      21. Thomas Toung MD
      22. Jhi-Joung Wang MD
      23. Cynthia A. Wong MD
      24. Wen-shien Wu MD
      25. Xinmin Wu MD
      26. Lize Xiong MD
      27. Fun Sun Yao MD
      28. Shanglong Yao MD
      29. Weifeng Yu MD
      30. Buwei Yu MD
      31. Zhiyi Zuo MD, PhD
      32. Xiaoming Deng MD, PhD
      33. J.P. Abenstein MD
      34. Huang Wenqi MD
      35. Mi Weidong MD
      36. Guo Xiangyang MD