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Advisory committee (including all past presidents):
Chair: Haifeng Zhou(2016,New Jersey), Vice chair:Lixin Liu(2015,New York),David Tang(2014,California),Henry Liu (2013,
Pennsylvania),Vicent Xie (2012-2013, New York),
Jianzhong Sun (2011-2012, Pennsylvania), Changzheng Wang (2010-2011, New Jersey), Yanfu Shao (2009-2010, Pennsylvania), Naixi Li (2008-2009, New York), Guogang Chen (2006-2008, New Jersey), Haifeng Zhou (2004-2006, New Jersey), and Haiming Wang (2002-2004, New York).

Webside Committee
CASA WeChat Organizer:Qing Wang,MD (王清), David Tang,MD (唐越),Jack Zhang,MD (张均奎).
CASA Tristate WeChat Organizer:Henry Zhou,MD(周海峰).

Fundraising and Marketing Committee: Henry Zhou,MD(周海峰), Jiapeng Huang,MD(黄佳鹏),David Tang,MD(唐越),Haiming Wang,MD(王海明),Yunping Li,MD(李韵平)
CASA Delegates:
ASA Delegate–Hong Wang, MD(汪红),
CSA Delegate–Lixin Liu,MD,PhD(刘立新),
CAA Delegates–Jianhong Huang, MD(黄建宏),Xiaoyan Zhang,MD(张晓燕)

Election Committee:
House speaker (Weidong Gao, Maryland),  and Chair of advisory committee (Henry zhou, New Jersey)

Ambulatory committee:Chair: Changzheng Wang (New Jersey); Vice Chair: Tong Joo Gan (North Carolina)
Cardio-thoracic and vascular committee:Chair: Yonggang Peng (Florida);Vice chair: Jiapeng Huang (Kentucky)
ICU Committee:Haobo Ma (MA)
International affair committee:Chair: Henry Liu (Louisiana);
Vice chair: Jie Zhou (Massachusetts)

Membership committee:Chair: Changzheng Wang (New Jersey);
Vice chair: Ge Li (Illinois)

Neuro Anesthesia committee:Chair: Chanhung Lee (California),Vice chair:Fenghua Li (New York);
Obstetric gynecologic anesthesia committee:Chair: Weike Tao (Texas);Vice chair: Yun Xia (Ohio), Yunping Li (MA)
Pain medicine committee:Chair: Honghui Feng (Connecticut); Vice chair: Yongjian Lin (California)
Patient safety and quality committee:Chair: Xiaoyan Zhang (Calfornia);Vice chair: Jun Tang (California)
Pediatric anesthesia committee:Chair: Rou-xu You (New Jersey)
Practice management committee:Chair: Jeffrey Jianhong Huang (Florida); Vice chair: Honghui Feng (Connecticut), Naixi Li (NY)
Regional anesthesia committee:Chair: Jiabin Liu (Pennsylvania);
Vice chair: Jinlei Li (Connecticut)

Residency Training Committee:Hong Wang (VA),Jiapeng Huang (KY)
Science committee:Chair: Wei Chao (Massachusetts);
Vice chair: Jingping Wang (Massachusetts)

tandard practice and QA/QI committee:Chair:Xiaoyan Zhang (CA), Vice chair: Hong Wang (VA), Long Xu (CA),Jun Tang (CA), Gang Zheng
Telemedicine Committee: Jiapeng Huang (KY),Hong Wang (VA)
Trauma/Critical care/PACU committee:Chair: Lixin Liu (New York);
Vice chair: Meng Wang (New York)

Event Committee:
ASA California chapter: Chair: Qing Wang (San Jose);
Vice chair: Victor Xia (Los Angles)

ASA Florida/Georgia chapter:Chair: Yonggang Peng (Gainesville);
Vice chair: Jeffrey Jianhong Huang (Orlando)

ASA Illinois chapter:Chair: Lingqun Hu (Chicago);
Vice chair: Ge Li (Chicago)

ASA Louisiana chapter:Chair: Henry Liu (New Orleans);
Vice chair: Lihua Wang (New Orleans)

ASA Washington DC chapter:Chair: Xiaowei Lu (Maryland); Ning Miao (Maryland)
PGA Tri-state chapter:Chair: Haifeng Zhou (New Jersey)
Standard practice committee: Chair: Hong Wang (汪红),
Vice chair: Gang Zheng( 郑刚)

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) committee: Chair: Xiqing Cao (曹锡清), Vice chair: Lingqun Hu(胡灵群) and Henry Liu(刘恒意)
Resident Committee: Chair: Xiaoming Liang (梁小民) MD, PhD,